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27 Jun

After recently returning from Papa John’s where I had a lovely chat with Pizza Guy, I came to the realization that I don’t know any of my neighbors. Never talk to them. Never interact. Nothing. May not even recognize them if I saw them out and about. However, I do know Papa John’s pizza guy, practically all the employees at Nacho’s Mexican Restaurant, cute Starbucks guy, Jersey Mike’s deli dude, the hilarious Otter’s chicken guy, several of the Moe’s Mexican Grill peeps, and the cashier lady at the Daily’s gas station where I stop for my breakfast coffee and Krispy Kreme donuts more often than I should.  And they all know me and recognize my face. Some even know my name, and we talk every time I see them (which is a lot, I imagine).  I can’t say that about the people who live withing 20 feet of my front door.  Heck, I don’t even know how many neighbors I actually have.

I’m not exactly sure what this says about me, but I’m pretty positive it says something. I’ll let you know when I figure it out, and of course, I’m always open for suggestions.


Dear Starbucks Barista,

30 May

Please do not speak to me in that really, really high pitched voice first thing in the morning … before I’ve had my coffee. It’s quite annoying. And don’t ask me how my morning is going. You’re likely to get sarcasm. Is anyone ever having a good morning before the caffeine hits? I doubt it. The people who wake up in the morning singing about the birds and the sunshine most likely aren’t the ones hitting you up for a venti double shot cappuccino to start their day.

You can, however, ask me about last night. Chances are that if I’m desperately needing a caffeine fix, last night was pretty darn good.

Thank you.

PS- Don’t try to sell me your breakfast “food,” either. We all know it’s made out of cardboard. The fancy names and pretty colors aren’t fooling anyone.


Welcome to the Twilight Zone aka Starbucks

Order Has Been Restored

18 Sep

There were tons of people at Starbucks today, and I was, once again, late for work.

Welcome to the Twilight Zone aka Starbucks

17 Sep

I have a really bad habit. I’m not too proud to admit it. Every morning on my way to work, I pass Starbucks, and every morning, I stop to order a latte of some sort, non-fat of course. I can’t help it. It’s there calling my name like a heroine addiction. Every morining, the drive-thru line is backed up into the street, blocking the entrance for those of us who want to park our cars and go inside to get our coffee, or in my case, lattes. (Here’s a little secret for those of you in the drive-thru line: there are usually two registers open inside and only a couple of people in line.) So, back to my story, every day before I head in to work, I fight all the other Starbucks addicts to get my daily fix.That is, until today. On my way to work today, I turned into Starbucks and (gasp) pulled right up to the empty drive-thru window. And you may be thinking that all the other people had simply been clued in to my little Starbucks secret, but the parking lot was empty, at 7:53 on a Monday morning. Naturally, I did what any semi-neurotic person would do: is there some holiday that I don’t know about, is it really 6:53 instead of 7:53, is it Sunday instead of Monday, was there some huge natural disaster that happened and only Starbucks survived, did the Rapture happen in reverse, or maybe, just maybe, did Starbucks stop adding heroine to their espresso?