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Expect More … Payless

1 Dec

Why is it that all my “semi-expensive” department store shoes that I usually wear only to work and church and out to dinner and such always look so beat up and worn after only a couple of months and my one pair of five-year-old, been through hell Payless heels that I wear to bars and football games and other such places where shoes tend to get ruined still look like they did when I first bought them? Can someone please explain this to me? It doesn’t make any sense.


New Shoes, Same Problem

3 Oct

Yesterday was day two of The Couch to 5K Running Plan. It started off well — brand new shoes and plenty of enthusiasm. Neither of which held out very long. About half way into the run/walk, my calves were burning and I was finding it hard to breathe. I did, however, persevere and make it through. After the run, my running partner Kim and I even added in a little weight training and ab work. I felt good, not in too much pain, only to later discover that the blisters were back.

This leads me to the conclusion that the problem is most likely not in my shoes, but in my feet, or maybe in my form (I am an overpronator, after all). Or, I could just have really bad luck in picking out running shoes. Either way, I’m going to stick with the new shoes and try and tough it out. Maybe it won’t be too bad, and I’ll be running 5K’s in two months. That’s what the plan promises, anyway.

If any runners out there (or non-runners who just happen to know a bit about the subject) have any suggestions for fixing this problem, I would gladly accept them.

Out with the Old, In with the New: I’m Talking about Shoes, of Course

28 Sep

On Wednesday, I started my new 5k running plan, with brand new Nike running shoes, of course. All went well, or as well as can be expected, except for the fact that my wonderful new shoes left blisters on the bottom of my feet after only 30 minutes of running/walking. So I took them back to Academy and got a new pair, New Balance this time. The girl in customer service didn’t ask me if I had worn them, so I didn’t have to lie and say I hadn’t. I have the right to return something if it’s not what I expected, right? I shouldn’t have to waste money on a product that isn’t useful. It’s not so wrong, is it? And I can switch these as well if they don’t work out either, can’t I?