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American Idol Tries to Rock and Roll All Night … or for at least 40 minutes, not including commercial interruptions

6 May

Like last week, the contestants each had two songs to sing (and two phone numbers for viewers to call). They have to fill the whole hour, you know. Fun for us, they chose songs from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This should be interesting. I wonder whom the producers had in mind when they picked the theme for this week … hmm, could it be David Cook?

At the beginning of the show, I felt bad for Syesha when Ryan said that three of the contestants have already been number one in the votes. I know it’s possible that she has been number one, but not likely since she’s been in the bottom three more than the rest of them. Poor Syesha. She looked like she knew Ryan wasn’t talking about her.

Round One

David Cook, “Hungry Like the Wolf”: Duran Duran? Okay. I’ll go with it. At this point in the game, it must be hard for DC to sing on the AI stage. Like Chris Daughtry before him, DC has already surpassed American Idol on the cool points scale. And this is further evidenced by Miss Abdul’s pre-scripted off the cuff “your hungry like a wolf has left me with a big appetite” comment. I did notice that Paula (and the other two judges) had no notes in front of her. That means she must have memorized all her lines. Impressive, especially considering she didn’t forget the punch line to the one about being the only girl in the “questionable” boys club.

Syesha, “Proud Mary”: She’s looking gorgeous again. I love her hair like this … so sophisticated. I think the new look is really doing a lot for her. Love the dress and the attitude, too. Girl totally rocked those “Tina” moves. She is a completely different person than she was at the beginning of the season. And I love the new Syesha (except for her incessant use of the word “fun”).

Jason Castro, “I Shot the Sherriff”: Bob Marley? In the words of Jason Castro himself, “go figure.” Put this kid on stage in front of a bunch of potheads, and he’ll make a lot of money … from concession sales. I didn’t like it. And I love that song. Randy and Simon HATED it. I thought they were going to start a riot. Let’s hope JC doesn’t try to take on Bob Marley again, or they just might.

David Archuleta, “Stand by Me”: I love that Ryan has taken to calling him little David, as well. That’s too cute. Of course little David would pick an “easy listening” rock song. Other than the obtrusively loud breathing, I really liked this one from him. His voice just isn’t quite strong enough to totally carry it, though.  Then he just broke out into “Beautiful Girls” toward the end of the song.  Seriously? Okay, I liked it until he threw in Sean Kingston. And I think he may have redeemed himself at the very end, but I can’t be for sure because my DVR skipped a little during that part. Compared to JC’s performance, though, little Archuleta was like a little angel sent from the Celestial kingdom.

Round Two

David Cook, “Baba O’Riley”: FANTATSTIC!!! Best of the night so far, for sure. I like it when he just sings instead of trying to “perform” for the judges. Oh, and I forgot to mention how much I love the jacket. (On a side note, why is Ryan having so much trouble reading the prompter tonight?)

Syesha, “A Change Is Gonna Come”: Did she really just compare the Civil Rights movement to American Idol? Hmm. Wow! Love the dress. And the hair. And the song. Syesha is bringing it tonight! Where did this girl come from? I barely even noticed her at the beginning of the season. She’s really stepped it up. And Paula really had something profound to say to her: “Singing the song, ‘A Change Is Gonna Come,’ you have changed. You are magnificent. And you have come. Welcome to your dream, Syesha. This is it for you.” (Omg, Ryan tried to wipe Syesha’s nose, too!)

Jason Castro, “Mr. Tambourine Man”: Did he really forget the lyrics? Why didn’t he just start over? Brooke did it a million times. I actually kind of felt bad for him when he did it. He seems like a sensitive soul. But a sensitive soul does not a pop star make, quite the opposite, really. Tonight was a train wreck for him. I don’t think his baby face is going to save him this time. Maybe he can get a gig opening for Willie Nelson … or Jimmy Buffett.

David Archuleta, “Love Me Tender”: How does Little Archuleta not know Elvis? Is Elvis still considered the devil’s music or something? He really played to the camera on this one. Smart choice. He’s going to get ALL the tween girl votes. I LOVED this one from him. But I don’t agree with the judges and their “crushing the competition” comment. He may be the one that is best suited for American Idol, but there was no crushing involved. David Cook and Syesha also brought it this week.

Conspiracy Theories: Do you think they placed Big David in the death spot and Little David in the coveted final spot (especially right after train wreck Castro) so he could steal all Big David’s vote? Do you think someone paid Jason Castro to take a fall so that Little David would look better? Then there was that comment at the end of the show: “Remember, this is the same week that we lost Tamyra Gray and Daughtry because perhaps some people thought they were safe.” Is he leading us to make the obvious connections to Syesha and David Cook and vote for them? Interesting … very, very interesting.

Who’s Going Home: Jason Castro, even if the producers have to “fake” the vote.


American Idol: Brooke Sang, Brooke Left

30 Apr

Tonight’s group performance was unbearable – the singing, the dance moves, the nonexistent harmony, the awkward interactions. David Cook was the only redeeming factor. And I love how Ryan is promoting American Idol Extra, with Gina Glocksen and Constantine Maroulis, now that the competition is almost over even though I’m pretty sure AI Extra has been going on since the top 12 were announced.

Now, we all know what happened with Paula Abdul and her rambling last night. And AI has a tendency to just ignore anything controversial or buzz worthy (David Hernandez’s stripping, David Cook’s brother, David Archuleta’s dad), but Ryan did address the Paula controversy. “Last night,” he says as Paula is beginning to cry, “the judges were thrown a curveball on the air, which is just part of a live show. But it sparked a lot of gossip about Paula. And I read some of this online this morning, and just for the record, the rumors … they’re not true. She’s part of our family, and we love her.” What I want to know is which rumors Ryan is addressing. Is it the one about her being on drugs? The one about her Coke cup containing vodka? The one about the show being scripted and fixed? I could go on, but the point remains that Ryan didn’t exactly clear up any of the controversy.

Now, from Paula Abdul’s “craziness” to David Archuleta’s bad acting. As little Archuleta walks onto the stage, we all know that he is not going to be the one to go home. So, why is it that when Ryan says that he’s safe, he makes a big show of looking relieved/surprised/confused? I’m not buying it. Everyone, including him, knows his spot in the finale is a sure thing.

And as for the two girls being in the bottom two, we all knew that would happen. Is it just me, or does Syesha look like that girl from Fresh Prince tonight? She’s so pretty. And I’m glad Brooke is acting like her old self instead of the simultaneously whiny and obnoxiously perky robot she’s been for the past few weeks.

On to the American Idol Call-In Show … Did Nigel set up that call with Simon’s first kiss, Tara? It seems too good to be true. I loved his surprised reaction. But what surprised me is that he remembers the girl (even her last name) so many years later. Wow! She must have left an impression!

Finally, after what seems like a lifetime (but not quite so as long last night’s performance round), Ryan announces that the contestant leaving us tonight is Brooke. (Guess my votes for Syesha paid off.) I quite enjoyed the camera pan to Brooke’s husband during that uncomfortably long embrace between Ryan and Brooke. I wonder what he was thinking. I also wonder who the idiot was that decided to use that song from the guy who stole the American Idol title from Clay Aiken a few years ago. It is just so annoying.

Well, so long Brooke. At least Ryan is there to comfort you. You guys did see Ryan consoling her again after she stammered through her goodbye song, didn’t you? Hmmm …

American Idol: What’s the Irish Girl’s Name Again?

12 Mar

So, I didn’t get to watch American Idol until today because I did not get home until late last night. It was the first performance of the top 12, and of course, Idol went all out. First off, they opened the Lennon/McCartney songbook, which was the theme for the night. They are on the big stage with lots of crazy lights (Ryan took half the show demonstrating all this), and now not only can we download the songs on iTunes but we can also download the video performances. These people sure know how to milk a glorified karaoke contest for every penny it’s worth.

Last night’s top 3 performances, in my opinion:

  1. Carly Smithson, “Come Together”: She’s a born performer. Loved the song. Loved her.
  2. David Cook, “Eleanor Rigby”: Granted, he sounds a lot like so many other pop/rockers (i.e., Chris Daughtry), but I like that sound, and I like David Cook. He just edged out Michael Johns last night for me. And that whole pop/rock thing is really hot right now. All David needs is a little attitude to go along with his talent, and he’ll do alright.
  3. Brooke White, “Let It Be”: Loved the piano, loved the song, loved her. (Is it odd that my top 3 all performed one right after the other?) Sidenote: I would never hire her as a nanny. She’s way too pretty.

My bottom 3:

  1. Kristy Lee Cook, “Eight Days a Week”: First off, her country version of the song was not some big, new, never-done-before thing. Lorri Morgan covered the song in 1987. Kristy basically sang a bad cover of an okay cover of a really good Beatles song. Simon said she sounded like Dolly Parton on helium. That was funny.
  2. David Hernandez, “I Saw Her Standing There”: It was a little much for me, a little over the top. Bring back “Papa Was a Rolling Stone.” That was a lot better. Sidenote: I thought it was funny that when they were talking about the jobs that they had before coming to American Idol, he talked about working at pizza bistro and getting fired. He did not mention Dick’s Cabaret at all. And we all know about that. It was a little awkward. Ryan did mention that David had been having a stressful week. Wonder if Dick’s had anything to do with that?
  3. Ramiele Malubay, “In My Life”: Come on, Ramiele, you can do better. The song was pretty, but also pretty boring. She is a good singer, and I hope she sticks around another week. I’m pretty sure she will. She dedicated it to her close friends who have left the show already. We all know she was talking about my boy Danny. Aw, I miss him, but he’s probably singing his heart out on Rosie O’Donnell’s friends and family cruise. She loves him too.

Noteworthy moments:

  1. Chikezie breaking out the bluegrass. Loved it. It even made Ryan Seacrest run around on stage like a crazy person, which was fun to watch.
  2. The whole banter between Ryan and Simon about staying out of students’ rooms. Could Simon possibly be referring to Ryan’s rumored relationship with one of the Olly girls from Sunset Tan?
  3. Micheal Johns is a tennis instructor. I’ve been thinking about taking tennis lessons for some time now …
  4. David Archuleta, the golden boy, let us down. He forgot the lyrics to “We Can Work It Out.” He also proved that he’s a little awkward on stage when he’s not singing a ballad, at least he was last night.
  5. The Moment of Truth commercial that advertised “Watch as this family man crushes his loved ones.” Seriously? Is this what America calls entertainment these days, watching a real family, with real people, devastated on national television? Wow!

Who’s probably going home tonight: Kristy Lee Cook

As a sidenote, I heard Chris Sligh, from last season’s American Idol, on Christian radio the other day. I loved the song. He was one of my favorites last year. In my opinion, he left way too early. However, I’m glad he’s doing Christian music instead of American Idol now. You should check him out.

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