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Marché Artisan Foods – East Nashville

23 May

Since the lovely Britt S. was part of the inspiration for this little project, naturally it would make sense to write about her birthday brunch for my first post. Last Saturday, the day of Miss Britt’s birth, several 20-something locals gathered at Marché Artisan Foods for a lovely birthday brunch.

Marché is a European-style cafe and marketplace specializing in brunch but also serving breakfast, lunch, and early dinner. With large, weathered farmhouse tables and wicker chairs, the atmosphere of Marché reminds me of Sunday dinner on my great grandmother’s back porch. The market area stocks specialty items in pastoral wooden cabinets, and diners who want to order at the counter can claim seats at one of the large rustic communal tables nearby. Two steps down, in the full-service dining room, you’ll find marble-topped tables with natural light streaming through two walls of floor to ceiling windows, giving the look of a Parisian sidewalk café brought indoors.

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New Blog – rutabagas.wordpress.com

23 May

I started a new blog at rutabagas.wordpress.com. This blog is my new little project – trying out new restaurants and such and then writing about them. It’s perfect because it combines two of my favorite things in the entire world: food and writing. Besides, it has always been a little dream of mine to be a restaurant reviewer, mostly because I LOVE food, especially when it’s free, or better yet, if you get paid to eat it. I’m not sure if I’m cut out for the job, but this is a good way to test the waters. If not, I’ll still love every minute of it.

Most of this blog will center around the Nashville area, since that is where I live. It will also mostly feature restaurants, but I will throw in some other venues, events, and whatnot, just for fun. And on the rare occasions that I am able to travel, I’ll try and blog about those places as well.

I would like to thank the beautiful Britt S. for giving me the idea to start a food blog over cookie dough egg rolls at Jackson’s. I hope y’all enjoy this as much as I will. Feel free to chime in with your own comments and ratings. I would love to know what y’all think.