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Root Beer Redemption

20 Jun
Last night at Movies in the Park, Dirty Dancing edition, I decided to give A&W a chance at redemption. This time, I skipped the horrendous Cool Springs restaurant middle man and went straight to the source … a nice, cold can of A&W root beer straight from the bottler (or is it canner in this case? cannery, maybe? Hmm, moving along …). It was perfectly chilled with just the right amount of fizz. Ah, refreshingly delicious. I could not have asked for more. It almost made me forget about that whole other incident. You know the one I’m talking about.

Hey, A&W, a little advice for you: drop the partnership with KFC. Those guys are only brining you down.

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Goonies Never Say Die! Nashville Scene’s Movies in the Park

15 Jun

Summer is here. Classes are over. The kids are bored. Even those of us who don’t have the summer off from work still get a little antsy as soon as the days get longer and the sun gets hotter. What’s a person to do? The answer is simple – Movies in the Park!

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