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Steve Spurrier on the BCS

24 Oct

“Vanderbilt is a good team. They lost to 3 ranked teams. If Vanderbilt scheduled 3 cream puffs on their schedule instead, they could be undefeated and ranked right up there by Ohio State.”
~ Steve Spurrier after losing to Vandy on Saturday (I despise him too, but this was funny.)


Football on the Brain?

10 Oct

Every so often at work, I send out assignment letters asking doctors, nurses, and others in the oncology field to write articles for our magazine. After I make the assignments, I keep an Excel document with the authors, the article title, etc. so I can track their progress and make follow-ups if necessary.

Well, one of them called me today saying she would love to write for Coping. Her last name was Hornig, and when I looked up her name (in the middle of the phone conversation, mind you, because it is hard to keep track of everyone, and I never want to give the impression that I don’t remember someone, which happens a lot, anyway, back to the point), she wasn’t there.

She wasn’t there because I had typed her name in as “Henig” instead of “Hornig.” So not only does he frustrate me during games, but he also pops up at work. How is this possible?