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And Your Next American Idol Is … David

22 May


I’m so glad my prediction on this one was wrong. I love David Cook! And he was such a humble winner. I love that his audition was happenstance, and not something that he sought out. It’s so perfect. I just hope that the AI machine doesn’t stifle his creativity on his first album. That would be awful. At least the AI finale song wasn’t that bad this year. That’s a plus for him. Way to go, David. I hope it all works out for you. And I hope you bring your little brother along with you. He is the reason you are where you are.

As for David Archuleta, he’s a nice, cute kid. I had kind of wanted him to win just so his dad wouldn’t disown him or something. I hope things work out for him too and that he does find some independence. He’ll be 18 soon, right? However, I don’t think we’ve heard the last of Jeff Archuleta. You just wait.

On tonight’s finale:

I quite enjoyed that they brought back the So You Think You Can Dance dancers tonight. I LOVE that show. I also quite enjoyed that we finally got to hear the two Davids sing together, side by side. During the performance of “Hero,” it is obvious that DC is the better singer. Next to him, Archuleta sounds a bit boring, a little generic, and somewhat immature.

I was quite annoyed with the Love Guru trailer/commercial/”comedy” skit. They took this one a little too far. However, despite it’s annoying-ness, parts of it were a little funny. Little Archuleta looked so uncomfortable during the whole skit.

I love that they bring back all the contestants in the finale. I like to see if any of them get better after the pressure is off. Jason Castro was much better. “Hallelujah” reminded me of why I liked this kid in the first place. I also very much loved Syesha and Seal. Don’t we all sometimes wish we were Heidi Klum? He outshone her by a mile, of course, but she looked AMAZING. Carly shined during the girls group performance (loved the red dresses, even Paula wore hers).

Random Notes:

  • Ryan asking if Archuleta had his driver’s license after giving the Davids new Ford hybrids = classic.
  • Micheal Johns + Carly Smithson = Hot!
  • I want a red dress. I love red.
  • The Cowell comment montage was too great.
  • Chikeze rocked “Summer of ’69.”
  • David Hernandez’s tight black shirt outfit seemed more appropriate for his former job than the AI finale.
  • An American Idol theme park attraction – WTF!? Will you go?
  • David Cook rocking out with ZZ Top = awesome.
  • I don’t quite get Jonas mania. But I’m sure my mom didn’t get NKOTB mania, either.
  • Let My People Gooooooo!
  • “I am your brother. Your best friend forever. Singing the songs, the music that you love. We’re brothers ’til the end of time. Together or not, you’re always in my heart.” I would be willing to bet that this guy ends up actually making money off of this song. Remember William Hung?
  • Wow! Simon admitted that he was wrong and even apologized to Mr. Cook. Wow!

My predictions for the future:

  • Carly Smithson will get another record deal. She may or may not make something out of it.
  • Amanda Overmyer will perform on the bar circuit and may be coming to a college bar near you.
  • David Hernandez has Royal Caribbean Cruises in his future.
  • Syesha – Broadway, of course.
  • Brooke will have a bunch of little kids of her own, but she won’t hire a nanny. She will sing them to sleep with cutesy folk songs.
  • Ramiele will star in her own Disney show alongside Danny Noriega. I could also see her playing Mulan at Disney World.
  • Chikezie will end up in gospel music.
  • Micheal Johns will be the Bryan Adams of this generation.
  • Kristy Lee Cook will unfortunately turn AI fame into a country music career.
  • Jason Castro will be singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” at a reggae festival near you.
  • David Archuleta: He will finally (hopefully) get out from under his father’s thumb after being offered a record deal by the American Idol people. They are not going to let this kid slip through their greedy little fingers that easily. Let’s just hope we don’t see a reprise of From Justin to Kelly, renamed as David Squared. For his sake, let’s hope that Daddy Jeff doesn’t take this loss too badly and take it out on poor little Archuleta. That would be tragic.

American Idol: Songs from the Year You Were Born

25 Mar

Tonight, the contestants sang songs from the year they were born.  I’m so glad the producers went with this theme instead of jumping on the trilogy bandwagon and producing American Idol Butchers the Beatles III.

Ramiele Malubay, “Alone”:  It was my favorite from her, but not the best of the competition.  I like her, and I want her to do well.  Maybe she’ll stick around longer and surprise us with something fabulous.

Jason Castro, “Fragile”: He should not talk.  He should just sing and look pretty, oh and play the guitar.  When I watch him sing, he reminds me of those people who sit on the sidewalk barefoot and sing folk songs with a guitar case open in front of him.  (I totally typed that before Simon said it on the show.  That’s weird.  I’m beginning to think like Simon.  Oh no!)  I’d throw money in his guitar case if I saw him playing in the subway, though.     

Sayesha Mercado, “If I Were Your Woman”: Enough with the baby cry.  It’s annoying.  She brought it with the song, though.  She gets better every time.  I agree with Randy: “It was blazing hot.”  On a sidenote, is it just me, or does Paula pick a new “dark horse” every week?  First it was Alaina, and we all know what happened there.  I hope it’s not bad luck for Sayesha.

Chikezie, “If Only for One Night”: I was just starting to like Chikezie, but I didn’t really like this one.  Don’t talk back to the judges, Chikezie.  It only works for people like Danny Noriega.  Otherwise, it’s just annoying.  

Brooke White, “Every Breath You Take”:  Her parents are just way too pretty.  I am usually creeped out by this song, but I liked her performance of it.  It was almost good enough to make me forget about the fact that she started out on the wrong key and then had to start over.  She handled it well, though.  Chikezie, take note of how Brooke handles the judges’ criticism.  The only thing annoying about her is that she is almost too perfect.    

Michael Johns, “We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions”: He’s 29.  I’m glad they raised the age limit for this show.  I could have done without “We Will Rock You.”  It was a little cheesy.  I did enjoy “We are the Champions.”  That song reminds me of teen 80s/early 90s movies, and Michael Johns reminds me of an 80s/early 90s teen movie star.  He had all the girls screaming.  Simon saw “star potential,” and I agree.  Hmm, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and now “We Are the Champions” … maybe MJ should stick to only singing Queen.  And lets just hope, for the sake of all the women in the world, that he’s not gay.  

Carly Smithson, “Total Eclipse of the Heart”: Carly used to look like little orphan Annie, imagine that.  She did a total 180 on that one.  Oh joy, she’s singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” another song that creeps me out.  Watch Urban Legend, and it will creep you out, too.  I don’t like this song, but I still love Carly Smithson.  Kudos for not talking back to the judges, but a little TMI for primetime on the bathroom thing.

David Archuleta, “You’re the Voice”: Finally, he talked about something other than singing in the taped piece.  It’s funny though, I really thought the other David would be the one to talk about his dancing experience in the interview segment.  Guess not.  This was not my favorite David Archuleta performance.  The boy can sing, but sometimes it’s a little weird for me … like tonight.  Simon said, “I’d be amazed if you chose the song yourself because it’s not you.”  Could this possibly be a nod to David Archuleta’s overbearing stage dad?

Kristy Lee Cook, “God Bless the USA”:  I think this has been her best performance yet (it was actually good), but I still think she might go home based on previous history.  At least with this song choice tonight, if it is her last one, she probably just scored herself a USO tour.  My aunt has done one or two of those.  (She sings better than Krisy Lee, imo.)  I agree with Simon when he says, “That was the most clever song choice I have heard in years.”  He called it a brilliant song, even though he’s a sour old Brit.  Kudos for song choice, Kristy Lee (Greenwood).

David Cook, “Billie Jean”: He did have a big head when he was a baby.  Poor kid.  At least he grew into his head.  He sang “Billie Jean,” not the Michael Jackson version, of course.  LOVED IT!  My favorite of the night.  I agree with Randy, he could win it all if he keeps this up. 

My top three: David Lee Cook, Michael Johns, Sayesha Mercado

My bottom three (based on tonight only): Jason Castro, Chikezie, David Archuleta (yeah, he can sing, but that performance was weird)

Who’s probably going home: I think Kristy Lee may have saved herself with “God Bless the USA,” that is unless America really does hold grudges.  It’s going to be interesting to see who does go home tomorrow.  I think it may be Chikezie.


American Idol: It’s Over for Overmyer

19 Mar

American Idol started out tonight’s results show by revealing this season’s mentors: Dolly Parton (hope she has her back problems straightened out), Mariah Carey (by the way, she’s a good friend of Randy’s), Andrew Lloyd Webber (Danny Noriega would have been perfect for Sir Andrew week. Why did he have to leave so soon?), and Neil (Sweet Caroline, ba, ba, daaa) Diamond. That’s only four mentors. Aren’t there at least nine shows left? Maybe my math skills need a little sharpening, but that doesn’t seem to add up.

This mentor revelation was followed, of course, by the American Idol showchoir, some shameless promotions and plugs, and then finally the bottom three: Carly Smithson (how’d she get in there? maybe she shouldn’t have talked back to the judges.), Kristy Lee Cook (that one’s a shocker …), and Amanda Overmyer (guess America finally got tired of her one trick pony act, and she talked back to the judges).

After a “Red High Heels” performance by the adorable Kellie Pickler, who according to Ryan “has grown in so many ways since leaving us” (he couldn’t possibly be talking about her larger breasts, could he? isn’t this a family show?) and as much time-wasting as one can fit into an hour, Ryan revealed that Amanda Overmyer is the one leaving us tonight. I’m not surprised that she was voted off. She’s fun and spunky, but she’s not a great singer. What I am surprised by is how Kristy Lee Cook manages to land in the bottom three every week and then somehow escape the final elimination. Maybe America felt sorry for her this week for being the subject of Ryan, Randy, and Simon’s dirty joke. For a family show, American Idol sure is full of a lot of sexual innuendo.

There is a lesson to be learned here, kids: Don’t talk back to the judges; America doesn’t like it. All three contestants in the bottom three spouted off to the judges last night. Unless you’re Danny Noriega, it’s not cute. I hope you’re enjoying your Rosie cruise, Danny.

American Idol aka the 2-Hour Long iTunes Commercial
American Idol: Four Get Voted Off
Two Words: Phe nomenal
Danny on Ellen

American Idol: What’s the Irish Girl’s Name Again?

12 Mar

So, I didn’t get to watch American Idol until today because I did not get home until late last night. It was the first performance of the top 12, and of course, Idol went all out. First off, they opened the Lennon/McCartney songbook, which was the theme for the night. They are on the big stage with lots of crazy lights (Ryan took half the show demonstrating all this), and now not only can we download the songs on iTunes but we can also download the video performances. These people sure know how to milk a glorified karaoke contest for every penny it’s worth.

Last night’s top 3 performances, in my opinion:

  1. Carly Smithson, “Come Together”: She’s a born performer. Loved the song. Loved her.
  2. David Cook, “Eleanor Rigby”: Granted, he sounds a lot like so many other pop/rockers (i.e., Chris Daughtry), but I like that sound, and I like David Cook. He just edged out Michael Johns last night for me. And that whole pop/rock thing is really hot right now. All David needs is a little attitude to go along with his talent, and he’ll do alright.
  3. Brooke White, “Let It Be”: Loved the piano, loved the song, loved her. (Is it odd that my top 3 all performed one right after the other?) Sidenote: I would never hire her as a nanny. She’s way too pretty.

My bottom 3:

  1. Kristy Lee Cook, “Eight Days a Week”: First off, her country version of the song was not some big, new, never-done-before thing. Lorri Morgan covered the song in 1987. Kristy basically sang a bad cover of an okay cover of a really good Beatles song. Simon said she sounded like Dolly Parton on helium. That was funny.
  2. David Hernandez, “I Saw Her Standing There”: It was a little much for me, a little over the top. Bring back “Papa Was a Rolling Stone.” That was a lot better. Sidenote: I thought it was funny that when they were talking about the jobs that they had before coming to American Idol, he talked about working at pizza bistro and getting fired. He did not mention Dick’s Cabaret at all. And we all know about that. It was a little awkward. Ryan did mention that David had been having a stressful week. Wonder if Dick’s had anything to do with that?
  3. Ramiele Malubay, “In My Life”: Come on, Ramiele, you can do better. The song was pretty, but also pretty boring. She is a good singer, and I hope she sticks around another week. I’m pretty sure she will. She dedicated it to her close friends who have left the show already. We all know she was talking about my boy Danny. Aw, I miss him, but he’s probably singing his heart out on Rosie O’Donnell’s friends and family cruise. She loves him too.

Noteworthy moments:

  1. Chikezie breaking out the bluegrass. Loved it. It even made Ryan Seacrest run around on stage like a crazy person, which was fun to watch.
  2. The whole banter between Ryan and Simon about staying out of students’ rooms. Could Simon possibly be referring to Ryan’s rumored relationship with one of the Olly girls from Sunset Tan?
  3. Micheal Johns is a tennis instructor. I’ve been thinking about taking tennis lessons for some time now …
  4. David Archuleta, the golden boy, let us down. He forgot the lyrics to “We Can Work It Out.” He also proved that he’s a little awkward on stage when he’s not singing a ballad, at least he was last night.
  5. The Moment of Truth commercial that advertised “Watch as this family man crushes his loved ones.” Seriously? Is this what America calls entertainment these days, watching a real family, with real people, devastated on national television? Wow!

Who’s probably going home tonight: Kristy Lee Cook

As a sidenote, I heard Chris Sligh, from last season’s American Idol, on Christian radio the other day. I loved the song. He was one of my favorites last year. In my opinion, he left way too early. However, I’m glad he’s doing Christian music instead of American Idol now. You should check him out.

Danny on Ellen
David Archuleta’s Stage Dad

Danny on Ellen

12 Mar

Danny Noriega made an appearance on Ellen. I love this kid. America got it wrong on this one. Check it out.

American Idol: Four Get Voted Off

6 Mar

I’m blogging this as I watch the show, so it may end up a bit disjointed, but who cares? Blake did a good job opening the show. Second place was right for him last season. And don’t you love how they keep reusing old contestants, like Chris Sligh playing in the band? You don’t even have to do well in American Idol to get a gig out of it, even if it is being a correspondent for the TV Guide Channel or, my favorite, American Idol Extra.

I also love how they are constantly plugging all their projects, like Paula being number one on iTunes. Don’t forget, you can download the contestants’ performances exclusively on iTunes (and Paula’s song, too). And don’t you also love how Ryan and the judges are always dropping names? Of course, Ryan spoke to Lionel Ritchie on the phone. And of course, he liked David Cook’s version of his song.

Kady Malloy is the first to go home tonight. It was to be expected. I do have to say that I will miss her Britney. Kady, honey, there is a Catholic school girl outfit and a Britney Spears impersonator gig out there somewhere with your name on it. No worries. My only wish is that she would have sung her goodbye song as Britney. That would have been classic.

Side note: I agree with Simon when he sarcastically says that opening up the phone lines to talk with the viewers “sounds fun.” Can we not think of any better ways to spend a gazillion hours of filler time?

As soon as Luke Menard stood up, I knew he was going home. Sorry, Luke. You seem like such a nice guy.

The second girl to go home is between Asia’h Epperson and Kristy Lee Cook. I predicted that it would be a tossup between the two. Asia’h was the one sent home. Personally, I liked her better than Kristy. She’s so sweet and cute and fun. Don’t you love how Ryan is now giving them choice as to whether or not they want to sing their exit song after last week’s incident?

The last two guys left standing are Danny Noriega and Chikezie. Even through tears, Danny is still entertaining. Oh no, my Danny is being sent home. Ramiele, his Disney twin, is crying. I’m going to miss this kid. He’s so fun. I will have to say that I think the Youtube videos didn’t help him out at all. “I hope Santa rapes your mother”? Some things do come back to haunt us, Danny, especially when we post them on the Internet.

He is more talented that a lot of the Disney channel set, so he may still have a career ahead of him. I can only hope. Who knows? They may bring him on as Jamie Lynn Spears’ gay BFF, you know, the one who helps her raise the baby, like a younger version of Will and Grace.

Two Words: Phe nomenal

4 Mar

The top eight guys performed tonight on American Idol.  Overall, I think they were pretty good, still better than the girls in my opinion.  We’ll see what happens tomorrow, though.  The guys are all pretty unique (which I can’t really say about the  girls), but none of them really, really stood out, like David Archuleta last week.

My favorite of the night would probably have to be David Cook, but not by much.  I really like the whole electric guitar/rocker thing he had going on.

Coming in not too far behind were David Archuleta, Michael Johns, David Hernandez, and Jason Castro.   Though David Archuleta didn’t have the same “moment” he had last week when he sang “Imagine,” he still sang beautifully.  I also loved that he started the song out on the piano.  I just wish he would have stayed there.  The only  problem I have with him is that he does this annoying thing with his tongue when he sings.  I’m sure he can be broken of that habit.  He did sing another slow, “depressing” ballad, which the judges called him out on.  It’s obvious that David is the judges’ pick to win the competition.

Michael Johns was also a favorite of the night.  I love his whole vibe — the rock thing, his Aussie accent, and the hair, love the hair.

David Hernandez did a great job with his song, despite the fact that he was probably preoccupied with all the controversy surround him.  It must have been hard singing on that stage with all of American knowing about the skeletons in his closet.  I still like him.  Who cares if he’s a stripper?  It just mean he’s multi-talented.  It’s easy to judge people when you are looking at them from the outside.  None of us knows his reasons for doing all the things he has done in his life.  And I’m sure everyone out there has a few skeletons of their own that they wouldn’t want all of America to know about.  The only thing that bothers me about the whole thing is that AI execs are saying it’s a non-issue for them when they kicked off Frenchie Davis for posing for nude pictures a few years ago.  They  didn’t even mention it in tonight’s show.  I’m thinking that maybe it was because of time constraints and that they will address it during the results show.  All they do on results night is try to kill time, anyway.  Maybe that’s a sign of the times changing.  Those sorts of things are becoming more and more acceptable every day; some may argue that it’s turning into an achievement or status symbol for kids of today.

Enough about that.  Back to the performances.  Jason Castro is adorable.  Tonight’s performance was his best yet.  I didn’t really like him at first, but he’s starting to grow on me now.

Let’s talk about Danny Noriega.   Sure, he didn’t have the best vocals of the night, but his performance of “Tainted Love” was fun and cute and energetic.   What he lacks in natural talent, he makes up for in personality.  The banter between him and Simon is  priceless.  It’s great how he can throw a witty comeback and Simon and Simon can’t help but laugh (which he rarely does).  Danny is viewed as annoying by a lot of people, but I can’t help but love the kid.  I want him to stick around for entertainment value.  Let’s face it; it worked for Sanjaya, plus Danny is a better singer and less annoying than that kid.

Who’s probably going home: Luke (wake me up when this song is over) Menard and Chikezie