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American Idol: Random Thoughts on Tonight’s Results Show

7 May
  • When Ryan said that there lots of surprises tonight, it kind of made me scared.
  • Why did no one high-five little Archuleta at the beginning of the group song?
  • What was the point of them crisscrossing around the stage during the group song? It was rather annoying.
  • Aww, poor Jason Castro. They just had to replay the part where he screwed up the lyrics in the recap, didn’t they? But he didn’t seem to care.
  • Oh, the Ford commercial. If AI wants America to take the show seriously, they should stop dressing the contestants up in ridiculous costumes. This is not Dancing with the Stars. Come to think of it, I would love to see some former American Idol contestants on Dancing with the Stars. How about David Hernandez? Or Justin Guarini?
  • I love that Castro actually admitted to being brain-dead. That explains a lot.
  • I also love that Adam Levine admitted that all famous musicians eventually become jaded. And I think he threw that “be prepared to work hard” comment in especially for Jason Castro.
  • I hate Bo Bice’s hair.
  • Ace Young on Bones? As an aspiring singer? I love it. Hey, that’s one step up from a soap opera, Constantine.
  • I love that Jason Castro can laugh at himself about singing “most of ‘Mr. Tambourine Man.'” Even more, I love that he thought it was pretty funny when someone told him that he shot the tambourine man. Simon thought it was funny, too.
  • Jason has already packed his bags. I don’t think he wants to be a part of AI anymore.
  • I’m so happy for Syesha. She looked like she was genuinely surprised and excited about making it to the top three.

On Jason Leaving: He didn’t look too sad to be leaving; he looked relieved. I will admit that I loved Castro at the beginning of the season, but he just lost it toward the end. American Idol is definitely not his vehicle. It’s too fast paced for a kid like him. I don’t think he’s the type that gets into competition too much. His goodbye song was great, what they showed of it, anyway. He does better without all that pressure, man.

Your Top Three: Syesha, David Archuleta, David Cook (and we all know that the two Davids will be the two finalists)


More Hip Action, Please

15 Apr

I was watching Dancing with the Stars last night (yes, I know I’m a reality TV junkie), and I heard a conversation that kind of disturbed me. Shannon Elizabeth, whom I really like on the show, danced the samba, and it wasn’t that great. Contrary to what you would think, Shannon is not good at the “sexy” Latin dances at all; however, she is really good at the elegant ballroom numbers. I digress. Her samba was not good, and she received critique from the judges for a lack of hip action. Len wanted a little more hip action, please.

During the backstage interview with the dreadful co-host/E! correspondent Samantha Harris, the following conversation took place (not a direct quote, only an approximation):

Shannon Elizabeth, in an attempt to explain her lack of hip action: My problem is that i have no hips. My hips and my waist are the same size.

Samantha Harris, in response: Well, I bet there are tons of women in America who would love to have that problem.

Really? Are there really millions of American women who want to have the figure of a 12-year-old boy? (Not that Shannon Elizabeth looks like a 12-year-old boy. I’m only commenting on Samantha’s remarks, not Shannon’s figure.) I’m sure there are some women out there who aspire to that “ideal,” but that is most likely because people like Samantha Harris tell us that’s what we should look like.

Dear Samantha, real women have curves, and it’s okay. In fact, it’s quite normal and natural. Please stop trying to make us believe otherwise. What’s not normal and natural is starving yourself to be a size 0 because someone decided that’s the paradigm of female beauty.

Disclaimer: I have no problem with naturally thin women. I only have a problem with people who profess that’s the only way to be.