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A Little Love for “Stuff Christians Like” and Thoughts on Taking Out the Garbage

8 Jul

One of my favorite blogs to read is “Stuff Christians Like.” I gave up on “Stuff White People Like” a long time ago when they started being unfunny. But Jon at “Stuff Christians Like” is consistently hilarious. I want to share a little excerpt from Post #329. Arguing about the “wives submit to your husbands” idea. This is a post that I find particularly hilarious. He posts what he calls a “quick list of the things that have kept my marriage not insane. (‘Not insane’ is a technical term really holy people say.)” This is item number one:

1. Don’t call tasks around the house “chores.”
When you are a kid and take out the garbage for your mom, that is what is called a “chore.” When you are an adult and take out the garbage for your wife, that is what is called “doing what you are supposed to do, I mean good grief, it’s your house too, are you seriously trying to take credit for taking out the garbage?” I admit, it’s a bit long, but I think it’s a lovely name.

This one particular entry just hit me as appropriate for the day in light of a conversation I had earlier. The one thing I hate more than anything in the world (when it come to household “chores,” anyway) is having to take the garbage across the parking lot to the disgusting dumpster because my husband forgot to do it before leaving for whatever city he happens to be working in that week. It’s just not something I really want to do. The garbage bag is heavy, and we live on the second floor, and it’s a long way to walk across the parking lot, and I’m short and the dumpster lid is tall and gross and very heavy. Am I complaining? Does it sound like I’m complaining? I’m not. Just sharing, that’s all.

For the rest of the post, click here. There is also mention of dads who “babysit” their kids. Classic.

Jon somehow manages to be both spiritually deep and sarcastically funny. He has two other blogs that are worth checking out: 97secondswithgod and The Prodigal Jon. It’s some good stuff. Enjoy!

Now, I’m off to the dumpster with the garbage. Wish me luck.


Ducks in a Row

16 Jun

This one from Kris Carr could apply to anybody:

So often we wait for all our ducks to be in a row, our closets to be neat and tidy, and our endless to-do lists to be checked off before we allow ourselves to have fun. We believe that only after we get all our “stuff” done can we take a deep breath and live.

Well, cancer doesn’t wait for order. In fact, it thrives on chaos. Breathe now. Burn the lists and let the dust bunnies roll like tumbleweeds. Narrow your focus to what really matters: you. Cancer is unknown territory. Will life ever be the same? I hate to burst your bubble, but no. Can you still drink wine? Maybe. Dance on tables? Yes. Go on vacation? Absolutely. Be “normal”? Why would you want to be that? ~ Kris Carr, Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips

I struggle with this to-do list problem continually. I feel like I can’t go out, read a book, call a friend, write a poem, do anything until the dishes are clean and the clothes are folded and the mail is sorted and … . All it ever does for me is cause stress and anxiety. Lately, I’ve been making a concentrated effort to shift my focus from all the chores of life to its abundant opportunities. Carpe diem, right? Or is collige virgo rosas more appropriate?


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