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Instead of Blogging …

12 Aug

I am watching the Olympics. I LOVE the Olympics. I love the athleticism, the competition, the sportsmanship. I love the excitement and suspense. I love the symbolism, the peace, the unity. I love the back stories of the athletes, the struggles, the obstacles, the overcoming, the realizing the dream. I love the sense of pride for my country I feel when one of ours takes home the gold. I love hearing our national anthem played on an international stage. I love the Olympics. Michael Phelps is my hero. Go Team USA!


So, About Tonight …

20 Jun

So tonight, I had every intention of writing an honest, thoughtful (and possibly thought-provoking) post about life and such. Thoughts and ideas have been swirling around in my head all day, and I just couldn’t wait to get to my laptop and get them all out – lay it all out there and clear my mind. Then, I ended up getting stuck in major traffic (both indoors and on the road) while running errands after work. I came home extremely exhausted and irritated and frustrated and decided to watch last night’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance (which is only THE best reality show ever – those kids are soooo talented, way more so than the American Idols, but I digress). It was a two-hour show, and now it is late … really late. I’m tired. And my brain is mush, utterly incapable of the caffeine-induced intellectual acrobatics it was performing earlier.

So … about tonight, I guess that life-changing, world-shaking blog entry will have to wait until another night. Tonight belonged to Twitch and Comfort and Kherrington and Kourtni and Will and Mark. You entertained me immensely.