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Severe Weather at the Georgia Dome

14 Mar

So, I was sitting here watching Mississippi State play Bama during the SEC tournament and all of a sudden the game stops due to severe weather.  Wow.  The roof was shaking and falling apart a little.  The program was interrupted due to “technical difficulties.”  Crazy.  They are back on the air, but they have stopped the game.  The players are in the locker rooms.  The top bleachers are empty, and everyone is just standing around on talking on their cell phones.  The sports announcers are now acting as weatherman.  I have never seen this before.  The question now is: are they going to finish the game tonight, or not?  No one can leave because of the weather, so what do you do?  They think it may have been a tornado, but no one is for sure.  Crazy!


Football on the Brain?

10 Oct

Every so often at work, I send out assignment letters asking doctors, nurses, and others in the oncology field to write articles for our magazine. After I make the assignments, I keep an Excel document with the authors, the article title, etc. so I can track their progress and make follow-ups if necessary.

Well, one of them called me today saying she would love to write for Coping. Her last name was Hornig, and when I looked up her name (in the middle of the phone conversation, mind you, because it is hard to keep track of everyone, and I never want to give the impression that I don’t remember someone, which happens a lot, anyway, back to the point), she wasn’t there.

She wasn’t there because I had typed her name in as “Henig” instead of “Hornig.” So not only does he frustrate me during games, but he also pops up at work. How is this possible?