Help! My Grandmother Just Joined Facebook

24 Mar

When I signed into Facebook this morning,* I checked my news feed to see what my friends had been up to over the previous eight or so hours while I was sleeping, wished happy birthday to a few people I hadn’t seen in years and whose birthdays I would never remember if it weren’t for the all-knowing Facebook, updated my status, untagged a couple of unflattering photos, and then checked my news feed again to catch up on everything I had missed while I was Facebooking. You know, the usual routine.

And then the unthinkable happened.

I had a new friend request … FROM MY GRANDMOTHER! How is this possible? My grandmother? On Facebook? Really? Yes. Really.

Remember when Facebook (or was a place just for your college friends?  I still do … faintly. “I don’t even know what a quail looks like.”

*I wrote this post a while back and just now came across it unpublished in my drafts. It made me laugh, so I hit publish.


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