Dear Starbucks Barista,

30 May

Please do not speak to me in that really, really high pitched voice first thing in the morning … before I’ve had my coffee. It’s quite annoying. And don’t ask me how my morning is going. You’re likely to get sarcasm. Is anyone ever having a good morning before the caffeine hits? I doubt it. The people who wake up in the morning singing about the birds and the sunshine most likely aren’t the ones hitting you up for a venti double shot cappuccino to start their day.

You can, however, ask me about last night. Chances are that if I’m desperately needing a caffeine fix, last night was pretty darn good.

Thank you.

PS- Don’t try to sell me your breakfast “food,” either. We all know it’s made out of cardboard. The fancy names and pretty colors aren’t fooling anyone.


Welcome to the Twilight Zone aka Starbucks


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