American Idol: Brooke Sang, Brooke Left

30 Apr

Tonight’s group performance was unbearable – the singing, the dance moves, the nonexistent harmony, the awkward interactions. David Cook was the only redeeming factor. And I love how Ryan is promoting American Idol Extra, with Gina Glocksen and Constantine Maroulis, now that the competition is almost over even though I’m pretty sure AI Extra has been going on since the top 12 were announced.

Now, we all know what happened with Paula Abdul and her rambling last night. And AI has a tendency to just ignore anything controversial or buzz worthy (David Hernandez’s stripping, David Cook’s brother, David Archuleta’s dad), but Ryan did address the Paula controversy. “Last night,” he says as Paula is beginning to cry, “the judges were thrown a curveball on the air, which is just part of a live show. But it sparked a lot of gossip about Paula. And I read some of this online this morning, and just for the record, the rumors … they’re not true. She’s part of our family, and we love her.” What I want to know is which rumors Ryan is addressing. Is it the one about her being on drugs? The one about her Coke cup containing vodka? The one about the show being scripted and fixed? I could go on, but the point remains that Ryan didn’t exactly clear up any of the controversy.

Now, from Paula Abdul’s “craziness” to David Archuleta’s bad acting. As little Archuleta walks onto the stage, we all know that he is not going to be the one to go home. So, why is it that when Ryan says that he’s safe, he makes a big show of looking relieved/surprised/confused? I’m not buying it. Everyone, including him, knows his spot in the finale is a sure thing.

And as for the two girls being in the bottom two, we all knew that would happen. Is it just me, or does Syesha look like that girl from Fresh Prince tonight? She’s so pretty. And I’m glad Brooke is acting like her old self instead of the simultaneously whiny and obnoxiously perky robot she’s been for the past few weeks.

On to the American Idol Call-In Show … Did Nigel set up that call with Simon’s first kiss, Tara? It seems too good to be true. I loved his surprised reaction. But what surprised me is that he remembers the girl (even her last name) so many years later. Wow! She must have left an impression!

Finally, after what seems like a lifetime (but not quite so as long last night’s performance round), Ryan announces that the contestant leaving us tonight is Brooke. (Guess my votes for Syesha paid off.) I quite enjoyed the camera pan to Brooke’s husband during that uncomfortably long embrace between Ryan and Brooke. I wonder what he was thinking. I also wonder who the idiot was that decided to use that song from the guy who stole the American Idol title from Clay Aiken a few years ago. It is just so annoying.

Well, so long Brooke. At least Ryan is there to comfort you. You guys did see Ryan consoling her again after she stammered through her goodbye song, didn’t you? Hmmm …


2 Responses to “American Idol: Brooke Sang, Brooke Left”

  1. George Carter Friday, May 2, 2008 at 12:39 am #

    Ryen even wiped her nose with a tissue! That’s her husband’s job (or her own, if she would rather do it herself). What was he thinking?

    There were two awkward David Cook moments. The first came when Natasha Bedingfield (who is fantastically hot but was wearing the worst outfit ever) said she wanted to see David, and then David Cook stood up only to see Natasha walk over to David Archuleta and fondle him. Poor David Cook. He wanted it to be him. The other awkward David Cook moment came when he tried to pat Brooke on the back while she was singing her last song. She didn’t acknowledge him, and the other contestants didn’t join him, so he just walked back and joined the others.

    Nice point on David Archuleta acting surprised. What a loser. I really don’t like him.

    Yes, Syesha was beautiful this week! I will even say she was stunning! I just love her. What’s not to love? We have to keep voting for her to try to get her third over Castro!

    Who would have thought Syesha would make the Top 4 and beat all the other girls? Way to go!

    I also enjoyed Simon’s phone call from his childhood crush!

    I think I’m the only person who likes Ruben’s send-off song. I really like it a lot! Of course Clay should have won, but I still like Ruben. I don’t know why everyone hates this song except me. Oh well!

    Yay Syesha! Yay Laura!


  2. laura Friday, May 2, 2008 at 2:53 pm #

    Ewww! That’s gross. You don’t wipe other people’s noses if they are older than five.

    And I noticed those two DC moments, but I wasn’t quite sure if i saw them right, so I didn’t write about it. I’m glad you saw that too. And Brooke even stepped forward when he touched her. She wouldn’t let any of the other contestants near her either. After she finished singing, they all started moving closer to her like they normally do after someone sings the goodbye song, and she ran past them to the back of the stage … and then started cuddling with Ryan. Weird.

    As for DA, I think he has a stage dad who orchestrates his every move. For example, have you noticed that the lip-licking has stopped since people started blogging about it?

    As for Syesha and Jason, she gets better every week, and he just gets worse. And I really liked him in the beginning. And I didn’t really like Syesha.

    I just think Ruben’s song is a little easy and boring. It doesn’t have the drama and the emotion of past send-off songs. And the videos aren’t as good, either.

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