Another Reason to Vote for David Cook

15 Apr

David Cook‘s brother, who has been battling brain cancer, will be at the show tonight. He has been in pretty bad shape, and doctors had originally told him that he wouldn’t be able to make the trip. It has to be hard for David to put up with the AI madness with this unenviable situation at home.

Tonight, the contestants will be singing Mariah Carey songs. I hope that having his brother there will inspire David to give a good performance (and hopefully inspire America to vote for him). My only other hope for tonight is that my boy DC doesn’t sing “Hero.” That song’s kind of played out when it comes to the talent show/karaoke circuit, don’t you think?

Check out the People magazine story HERE.


One Response to “Another Reason to Vote for David Cook”


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    […] David Cook:  I’m curious as to whether the AI producers have asked him not to talk about his brother so as not to pull attention away from the other contestants.  Or maybe he just doesn’t want […]

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