Bring Back Chikezie

28 Mar

This week on American Idol, Chikezie was the one sent home, and I wasn’t really too concerned about it.  He wasn’t one of my favorites, anyway.  Now, however, I want him to come back.  Next week is Dolly Parton week, and rumor has it that he was set to sing “9 to 5.”  I am so disappointed.  I love Dolly Parton, and I LOVE that song.  And I would have loved to have seen that performance.  I bet he would have rocked it, and if not, it would have at least been major interesting.  Let’s just hope that someone else will sing that song … and that, that someone is not Kristy Lee.


Chikezie Goes Home


2 Responses to “Bring Back Chikezie”

  1. KRYN Friday, March 28, 2008 at 8:10 pm #

    Chickasee’s atttitude is what lost it for him. I wasn’t crazy about him either. He seemed sincere , in the beginning, then he got cocky. Simon can be an ass, but don’t doubt his influence. I can’t wait to hear DAVID COOK!!! He is the best. If he does “9 to 5”, you can bet that IT WILL BE INTERESTING!!! Kristy is the next to go. UNLESS, her looks carry her past Ramelle, who can sing, but has ZERO confidence. David Archuletta, is so SINCERE, but may not be the favorite. Jason Castro, is beautiful, I LOVE to watch him, but really needs to do something spectacular. I don’t know if he will.

  2. Lori Monday, March 31, 2008 at 10:57 am #

    I agree about Chikezie… definitley not my favorite, but I was beginning to dig his country vibe… you just do not see that many black singers doing harmonica or blue grass…

    God Bless the USA for keeping KLC alive. Smartest ever song choice on her part. She did well too, but c’mon America, it is time for her to go…

    My prediction for this week… David Cook will ROCK the house again like he always does… I love this guy!!!

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