American Idol: Farewell David Hernandez

12 Mar

Tonight, David Hernandez was voted off American Idol. I predicted that he would be in the bottom three, but I didn’t think he should have gone home just yet. It should have been Kristy. He really didn’t do that poorly with his song last night, and when he sang it tonight, he sounded like the old “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” David. I think the whole Dick’s Cabaret scandal finally caught up with him. Why do we have to punish people for having skeletons in the closet? What’s in the past is in the past. It doesn’t affect who he is now or his level of talent. We don’t know his life story or the circumstances that led him to the strip club, or to American Idol, for that matter. David, don’t go back to Dick’s (so original, right?). You are better and more talented than that. I never thought you would be the next American Idol, but you could probably do Ryan’s job, or even American Idol Extra (that’s still going this season, isn’t it?). Isn’t that kind of what you went to school for, anyway? Good luck.

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