My Hometown, Y’all

10 Mar

It really does exist. Here’s proof. Check it out:

When twins Stephanie Stewart and Holly Hawkins graduated from college in Texas, they took a road trip to Virginia in search of the perfect small town to call home. Along the way, they found Eupora. Or better yet, Eupora—a small town located midway between Starkville and Winona—found them.

“After college we decided that we wanted to work for an architectural firm in a small town, so that we would have the opportunity to make a difference,” says Stephanie. “We interviewed with many firms on our trip and just fell in love with Eupora and Belinda Stewart Architects. Belinda drove us around the area pointing out old log cabins, barns, and historic houses, while telling stories about the area. We wanted to be part of those stories.”

Eupora began its story in 1889 as a railroad town. Originally known as Early Grove, it was given its new name by railroad engineers in honor of Eupora Eudy, a local woman who opened her home to the engineers who worked on the rails. Today, with a population of 2,300, it is the largest town in Webster County. Although the town’s story is one of economic ups and downs, as more people discover the quaint town’s charms, new and exciting chapters are being written. (read more … )


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