Two Words: Phe nomenal

4 Mar

The top eight guys performed tonight on American Idol.  Overall, I think they were pretty good, still better than the girls in my opinion.  We’ll see what happens tomorrow, though.  The guys are all pretty unique (which I can’t really say about the  girls), but none of them really, really stood out, like David Archuleta last week.

My favorite of the night would probably have to be David Cook, but not by much.  I really like the whole electric guitar/rocker thing he had going on.

Coming in not too far behind were David Archuleta, Michael Johns, David Hernandez, and Jason Castro.   Though David Archuleta didn’t have the same “moment” he had last week when he sang “Imagine,” he still sang beautifully.  I also loved that he started the song out on the piano.  I just wish he would have stayed there.  The only  problem I have with him is that he does this annoying thing with his tongue when he sings.  I’m sure he can be broken of that habit.  He did sing another slow, “depressing” ballad, which the judges called him out on.  It’s obvious that David is the judges’ pick to win the competition.

Michael Johns was also a favorite of the night.  I love his whole vibe — the rock thing, his Aussie accent, and the hair, love the hair.

David Hernandez did a great job with his song, despite the fact that he was probably preoccupied with all the controversy surround him.  It must have been hard singing on that stage with all of American knowing about the skeletons in his closet.  I still like him.  Who cares if he’s a stripper?  It just mean he’s multi-talented.  It’s easy to judge people when you are looking at them from the outside.  None of us knows his reasons for doing all the things he has done in his life.  And I’m sure everyone out there has a few skeletons of their own that they wouldn’t want all of America to know about.  The only thing that bothers me about the whole thing is that AI execs are saying it’s a non-issue for them when they kicked off Frenchie Davis for posing for nude pictures a few years ago.  They  didn’t even mention it in tonight’s show.  I’m thinking that maybe it was because of time constraints and that they will address it during the results show.  All they do on results night is try to kill time, anyway.  Maybe that’s a sign of the times changing.  Those sorts of things are becoming more and more acceptable every day; some may argue that it’s turning into an achievement or status symbol for kids of today.

Enough about that.  Back to the performances.  Jason Castro is adorable.  Tonight’s performance was his best yet.  I didn’t really like him at first, but he’s starting to grow on me now.

Let’s talk about Danny Noriega.   Sure, he didn’t have the best vocals of the night, but his performance of “Tainted Love” was fun and cute and energetic.   What he lacks in natural talent, he makes up for in personality.  The banter between him and Simon is  priceless.  It’s great how he can throw a witty comeback and Simon and Simon can’t help but laugh (which he rarely does).  Danny is viewed as annoying by a lot of people, but I can’t help but love the kid.  I want him to stick around for entertainment value.  Let’s face it; it worked for Sanjaya, plus Danny is a better singer and less annoying than that kid.

Who’s probably going home: Luke (wake me up when this song is over) Menard and Chikezie 


6 Responses to “Two Words: Phe nomenal”

  1. George Carter Wednesday, March 5, 2008 at 5:50 am #

    Oh Laura…I just discovered that you blog about American Idol. I’ve considered doing this in the past, but I’m afraid the posts would be way too long. So maybe I’ll just respond to your posts and by doing so fulfill my itch to write about the contestants.

    I agree with you on David Cook. I didn’t expect him to be that good tonight, but he was awesome! David Archuleta is fantastic, and he’s by far the favorite to win the whole thing. I don’t like Michael Johns now as much as I did at the beginning. I think he’s sort of corny. I didn’t really care for Jason Castro tonight, either, but that’s just me. I thought Luke Menard was the worst contestant ever after the first week, but then he did ok last week. However, when you go on American Idol and sing “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,” you’re asking to be eliminated. And Chikezie annoys the crap out of me, but he’s been really good the past couple weeks, even though Simon can’t stand him and wouldn’t give him any props tonight. And the whole David Hernandez thing…yikes! But he was pretty good tonight. And I agree with you on Danny Noriega. He’s really fun!

    As far as the girls go, I looked at what you wrote about them and I just have to stand up for my girl Alaina Whitaker. Since the very first episode of the Top 24, she was my favorite contestant of this entire season. I fell in love with her that night. She is so cute and adorable, and she is a good singer. I was shocked when they eliminated her! I voted for her! I want her to be my little girlfriend. I just love her to death, and I was very sad they she was eliminated.

    OK, have a great day!

  2. laura Wednesday, March 5, 2008 at 5:04 pm #

    Feel free to post all your opinions. And I thought Alaina did well when she performed. It was her whining and crying that annoyed me.

  3. George Carter Wednesday, March 5, 2008 at 5:51 pm #

    Awww…..I thought it was cute! I want to give her a big hug!

  4. laura Wednesday, March 5, 2008 at 8:32 pm #

    That’s because you’re so darn sweet!

  5. Lori Thursday, March 6, 2008 at 2:31 pm #

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I like your American Idol blogs! I agree about Danny. His personality is a lot of fun to watch!


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