American Idol: Results

28 Feb

Is it just me, or do the contestants sound better when they sing their exit song than they did when they sang the song the first time?

Jason Yeager was the first guy to go home, just as I predicted.

Alexandrea Lushington was the first girl to go home.  She did pretty good on her exit song.  I loved how she called Ryan a freak because he said he was going to bring her grandmother to California and didn’t come through on his word.

Alaina Whitaker was the second girl to go home.  She wasn’t my prediction, but she would have been my second choice.  I found it annoying how she freaked out and cried and went on and on about how she didn’t want to sing the exit song because it would sound horrible.  It actually sounded better than it did last night.  My prediction, Kady Malloy, was safe, but she was in the bottom three. 

The final person to go home was Robbie Carrico, as I predicted as well.

I guess three out of four ain’t bad.  I was so close.


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