10 Things I Did on New Year’s Eve

4 Jan
  1. watched football, lots of football
  2. had a wonderful Italian meal
  3. stood in line at a club and didn’t get in, 😦
  4. wore flats because of a stupid running injury, 😦 again
  5. toasted the new year with free champagne
  6. drank a cafe au lait while walking down Broadway — not the French Quarter, but close enough
  7. met my first Aussie (Olivia Newtown-John doesn’t count because I chatted with her on the phone, not in person)
  8. had my first tequila sunrise, yummy … and free
  9. witnessed a chick fight in a bar over a stolen wallet, hilarious. the bartender kicked out the thief. so funny.
  10. made jokes about a “queen” wearing a chicken hat. he was an easy target, but also a good sport.

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