No More Cats

13 Aug

Researchers in the United Kingdom have found that increased exposure to cat allergen is associated with greater bronchial responsiveness in people with certain common allergies, even if they are not specifically allergic to cats.  This suggests that reduced exposure to cats may be beneficial for allergic individuals, regardless of their specific allergies.

          Among people with any sensitization, the difference in BR between those who had low versus high exposure to cat allergen was almost as great a difference as that between non-asthmatic and asthmatic individuals.  This study supports and clarifies previous research that has found that asthma is strongly related to indoor allergens, and that people with specific sensitizations exhibit greater BR in response to exposure to the allergens to which they are sensitized.  However, the interaction between sensitization of any kind and current exposure was unexpected.

     “Based on the current research, it appears that many individuals could benefit from reduced cat ownership and exposure,” says Dr. Chinn.  “However, because the findings were unexpected, it is important that results are replicated in other studies before firm recommendations are made.”




One Response to “No More Cats”

  1. kac7 Tuesday, August 14, 2007 at 9:45 am #

    Hey, email me your phone #…….. I lost several numbers in changing phones!!! How’s Nash-town?!

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