If a Man Comments on Your Purse, Does That Mean He’s Gay?

2 Nov

Today as I was leaving work, a man joined me in
the elevator.  We made small talk, as polite Southerners are apt to do as
we rode the elevator to the first floor and headed to our cars. 
“It’s cold today, isn’t it?”

“Yes, very cold.  I miss the warm weather.”

Then, just outside the building as we were about to part ways he gave this
unexpected nonchalant observation:  “That’s a pretty purse, err
handbag, you have.”  I smiled, secretly relishing the fact that the
purse is very new and I love it.  Then, I replied with a polite,
“Thanks” and walked away wondering if a man comments on your purse,
does that mean he’s gay.

After all, how many straight men actually notice women’s handbags?  How
many men actually call them handbags?  Granted, he did start out with
purse, but then he promptly changed it to handbag as if he suddenly realized
that “purse” was not the current trendy term.  He did not get
overly excited at the sight of a nice handbag as Cojo might have, but then
again, Cojo is an overly exaggerated stereotype.  He didn’t look
gay, but not all gay men look gay and not all straight men look straight. 
Is there really a way to tell if man is gay or not?  This brings us back
to the question:  If a man comments on your purse, does that mean he’s gay? 

There may not be an answer to that question, and the answer isn’t that
important after all. 

At least I know
what really matters; I do have a pretty purse, err handbag.


One Response to “If a Man Comments on Your Purse, Does That Mean He’s Gay?”

  1. waitingfor1day Friday, November 3, 2006 at 8:04 pm #

    that’s the purse you bought with us!!! yay – i’m proud 😉 Michael liked it but would never comment on it 🙂

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