27 Oct

The Courier has done a special page for all of the Lee County schools’
homecomings with their pictures and everything.  I have noticed
one rather disturbing trend at each of the schools.  All five of
the schools had both a black Homecoming Queen and a white Homecoming
Queen.  I remember my high school doing that for a few
years.  I think we changed the one black and one white Homecoming
Queen rule my senior year.  I remember thinking it was a very
archaic idea at the time, and that was six years ago. 

I didn’t know schools were still doing that.  I thought we had
come a long way from the “separate but equal” mentality of days gone
by.  I can understand why schools in Mississippi had two
Homecoming Queens during the time when integration was a new, and there
were really only two races in the South.  That was forty years
ago.  It is crazy to me that public schools still follow such a
racially divisive, discriminating  tradition. 

What category do you fall under if you are Hispanic or Asian? 
What happens if you are biracial?  I have observed that the old
rule that a drop of “black blood” makes a person black still holds
true.  The Hispanic and Asian girls generally fall under the
“white” category while black/white biracial girls generally are
included under the black category, even if one of their parents is
actually white. 

It seems to me that eliminating the “one white and one black” rule
would not only eliminate all the confusion, but it also would help
dispel the stereotype that all Mississippians are racists.  

Just out of curiosity, who went to high schools where there was a black
Homecoming Queen and a white Homecoming Queen?  I did.


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  1. kac7 Friday, October 28, 2005 at 9:13 am #

    Well our school had traditionally done the same thing, but then when I got to high school. We changed to the rule to alternating years- one year a white girl would win, next a black girl.
    But we had segregated proms. Yep, we sure did. Kosciusko to this day— still has segregated proms!!! Our senior class wanted to change it. However, the white kids parents wouldn’t let it happen. It caused a big stink, and I don’t think the anyone has challenged it again. The kids for the most part are as racist as there parents.I hate to say it, but it’s true.

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