22 Oct

I quit my job.  Thursday, Novemeber 4, is my last day.  I’ve
never really just quit a job, but I really hated it.  Hopefully
I’ll find something else to do.  The only thing I’m worried about
is that I won’t find another job at all.  I guess I could always
just substitute teach.  Fun, huh?


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  1. kac7 Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 9:25 am #

    sorry about the job, i’ll keep my eyes open to stuff around here. yeah, david and i were long distance last year and saw each other about once a month. well this time, david and i won’t get to see each other except maybe twice before the wedding. so, i think that’s about once every six months. it sucks. i know i’m busy, i’ve got work enough for days/every day. but the planning is bittersweet, all my girlfriends are all over the country and my parents have opted not to help. so, while i’m marrying the man i love……. that sucks too! i’m officially depressed!

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