4 Sep

If I Knew Then. . .

Listening to the game on the radio today made me wish I were back at MSU.  I kind of miss all the excitement of college life.  Wouldn’t it be crazy if you could just go back to a certain time in your life and live it all over again? 

If I could go back in time five years, I think I would do a lot of thing differently.  I would study less and party more.  Who needs a 4.0 anyway?  A couple of B’s never hurt anybody.  I would pick my classes and my teachers based on how interesting they were and how much I would learn rather than by how easy it would be to get an “A”.   

I would hang out with my girlfriends more and my boyfriends less.  I would have broken up with a certain someone a lot sooner than I did.  There are a few guys that I wish I had never kissed, a few more that I wish I had, and one in particular I wish I had kissed a few years earlier.  I would have waited until I was older to date older men, and I wouldn’t let them break my heart. 

I would spend more time in Clinton, MS and Nashville, TN.  I would go to more basketball games and fewer classes.  I would buy a cowbell and ring it illegally.  I would take more chances, more roadtrips, and more good advice.  I would witness to more people and skip less Sunday school.  I would have less anxiety and more fun.  Life is too short to waste it worrying about what other people think or what is expected of you.  Life is too short to have regrets.   



3 Responses to “”

  1. Anduril_Fury Sunday, September 4, 2005 at 3:51 pm #

    Great post! Definitely makes you stop and think. “The right man is the one that seizes the moment.” – Goethe

  2. waitingfor1day Sunday, September 4, 2005 at 6:34 pm #

    love you

  3. kac7 Tuesday, September 6, 2005 at 9:29 am #

    call me @ work: 844-1822 (and I can give you the scoop on all the volunteer stuff, they’re still needed).

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