19 Aug

I have a job selling ads for the Courier if I want it, but I have to let them know by next Friday.  The pay isn’t very good at all, but I might make some contacts.  I had another interview at the Daily Journal, but I’m not sure if I want that job either.  The job sounds fun (copy-editing and page design), but the hours are not good (3p.m.-12a.m and most weekends).  There’s still subsitute teaching for $60 a day, and I do have a week to find something else before I give a response to the Courier.  We’ll see what happens.

In other news, we’re having a birthday party for my brothers (Tayler and Lyle) and my mom tomorrow.  It will be so much fun.  I can’t wait to see Tayler.  It will be sad when he has to go back to Iraq.  Stupid war!


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  1. righthandwoman Friday, August 19, 2005 at 5:44 pm #

    i don’t plan on getting married until i’m at least finished with undergrad, we found a quiz on tickle.com that was supposed to predict your wedding date.

  2. kac7 Monday, August 22, 2005 at 12:36 pm #

    well, david started his new job today….. so, he’s here!!!! yeah!!  let’s get together. i’m sure david will need some boy time with daniel.

  3. yummycaramelapple Tuesday, August 23, 2005 at 3:53 pm #

    hey laura…let me start off by saying this is such a small world….i met a girl that you worked with at Mcalisters….she is in my school social work class….she was tellling me about this wedding she went to in starkville so i asked whose was it…then she said laura hitt….i was like no way and she was like really! so that was pretty cool! however i have forgotten her name already…sigh im so terrible with names…

  4. yummycaramelapple Tuesday, August 23, 2005 at 11:55 pm #

    def..her name is karen!

  5. MaNa_RoYe Thursday, August 25, 2005 at 12:23 pm #

    hey laura..
    i am sorry that i did not see you the other day at church….i was there….where were you? and do you plan on going back this sunday?  how did you like it? 
    by the way…we are playing tweny questions…lol
    amanda roye

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