12 May

So, Tuesday night at 7:22, Louie announced that he would no longer be doing 7:22.  It was weird, mainly because it doesn’t really affect me.  I mean, I probably won’t even live here next year, and if I do, I won’t be a single, so his leaving doesn’t really affect me.  Being there was kind of weird though, like I was witnessing the end of an era.  He’ll still be doing Passion and those things, but no longer 7:22.  It made me think about Stan and his leaving FBC.  Btw, he would love that I just compared him to Louie.  Stan was at FBC almost the entire time that I was in college, the entire time that I went to First Baptist anyway.  Even though his leaving doesn’t really affect me that much, it’s still sad.  It still makes me worry just a little bit.  I wonder what’s going to happen next.  It’s not like church is going to srop happening just because someone leaves.  It’s funny how we feel that way sometimes, especially when someone is such a big part of something.  It’s like we forget that God’s still going to be there even after people leave.  But He’s still there just waiting for us to realize it.


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  1. kiminchina Saturday, May 14, 2005 at 7:04 am #

    Call me sometime this weekend if you get a chance.  I miss you!

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