13 Jan

I just wanted to say that I am so jealous of you guys who went to 3:18 last night and got to listen to Sammy Nuckolls.  He is one of my favorite people in the world, and I wish I got to see him more often than I do.  I’ll have to tell him about all the good things I’ve been hearing about him lately.  I’m sure he’ll love it.  I miss the kid sometimes, and I secretly wish that I could work with him again, but that probably won’t happen.  Honestly, I secretly wish that I could work Fuge again, but that probably won’t happen either.  The closer it gets to summertime, the more I experience Fuge withdrawal.  It’s like crack for Jesus, or something. 


3 Responses to “”

  1. waitingfor1day Thursday, January 13, 2005 at 8:04 pm #

    Hey girl! I just wanted to let you know that Sammy says hi 🙂 When I introduced myself to him I reminded him I had met him before and he asked how you were and said how he had gotten a new email address that you didn’t have- but he wanted me to tell you hi!!

  2. Anonymous Friday, January 14, 2005 at 12:55 am #

    hey – i guess that you didn’t get the memo that a secret is something you don’t tell!!! oh well, we all have to learn sometime…. 😉 i love you girl. i miss you and pray for you. Peace and spastic happiness!!!

  3. waitingfor1day Monday, January 17, 2005 at 7:54 pm #

    being a man hater doesn’t mean hating all guys- it means that you hate some and the idea of “guys” in general-Gin

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